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SASPC presents
WIngsuiting with Fiona Jansen


I have jumped at many different drop zones over the last few years and have not met a skydiving family as loving and caring as the SA crew! The smiles were contagious and the hugs countless, because at SA Skydiving post-jump high fives just aren’t good enough!

Image captured by Jon McGregor

ZCC WTF SA 2022 WM -20.jpg
Zcc presents
What the flock!?


With flocking starting to emerge as its own discipline, our camps starting to become more popular and with skydivers showing interest across Australia, we decided to create a second camp structure aimed at the lightly loaded larger canopies. With this ‘What the Flock!?’ was created.

Image captured by Cameron Puttee


This first installment of The SASPC presents events run by the club for its club members was an epic weekend. With Vince Jarvis headlining the angles event, an awesome crew ready to shred and the weather gods on our side!

Image captured by Zack Rosser

Sam _ Teags.png

After a successful BREL weekend late last year, hindered by weather,  we hustled up the immense amount of enthusiasm in South Australia currently and organised another 3 day BREL event. Students studied up their B-Rel guides, greased up the wheels of the creepers and arrived for the event very well prepared.

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SA's 60th anniversary
caravan camp & state meet

We don’t get a lot of turbine time in South Australia, so when Phil Onis agreed to send a Caravan over to Lower Light, the buzz started. Yours truly assisted by one awesome husband, Al Gray, and DZ regular, Ronnie Mulani, set to planning the event, covering as many disciplines as possible. 

Image captured by Cameron Puttee

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