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SA Skydiving's
b-rel progression weekend

Written by Matt Teager

Photos by all instructors on the event

Location // SA Skydiving, Wellington   Date // Feb 18-20 2022

After a successful BREL weekend late last year, hindered by weather,  we hustled up the immense amount of enthusiasm in South Australia currently and organised another 3 day BREL event. Students studied up their B-Rel guides, greased up the wheels of the creepers and arrived for the event very well prepared.

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Friday morning started with a group briefing, outlining the best tips and tricks for successful BRELs

We also covered

- exits

- diving to formations

- approaching formations

- flying on level

- taking and releasing docks

- safe break-off

- jump run and tracking


Friday delivered winds of an annoying 13-17 knots keeing some of the candidates grounded. 

We were blessed with pristine weather for the remainder of the weekend, with hardly a breath of wind and crystal clear blue skies for the majority of the three days.


With a team of experienced instructors and coaches, the candidates were primed for a day of epic jumping.

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The event was a massive success with 41 BRELs completed!


- Adam completed 4 and ticked off a number of accuracies. 

- Monkey completed 4 BRELs, got onto his own rig and has his first chop! How many cartons is that!

- Bob ditched work on Friday to complete 1 and get a magic exit photo!

- Brett completed 3 to finish his BREL table and is now jumping his own gear and B licenced!

- Jack completed 2 BRELs and nailed his landings.

- John competed a whopping 5 BRELs and completed his A licence accuracies.

- Manan competed 3 BRELs and signed off accuracies.

- Matis smashed 7 BRELs, completed the BREL table, ticked off accuracies and attained his B licence! What an achievement.

- Mitch also smashed out 5 BRELs and ticked off his A licence.

- Sam ticked 5 BRELs off and has now completed his BREL table.

- Zac finished his final 4 BRELs to finish the table and downsized canopies. 


Thanks to the APF, SASPC and SAPC who supported this event. A massive success progressing our student and A licence holders.

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