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wingsuiting with Fiona

Written by Zack Rosser & Photos by Everyone

Location // SA Skydiving, Langhorne Creek   Date // August 19-21 2022

With nothing but rain and low cloud on the forecast, the outlook for August 19th-21st was looking bleak in South Australia! However, the SA wingsuit crew was eager to have a chat about all things wingsuit related on the ground, whether or not we would get to play in the sky. I hit the road from Sydney with hours of weather-hold presentations ready to go and a few question marks in my head about whether we would all regret not cancelling this one, as it rained and rained the entire drive to SA! 

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I hesitantly peaked out through the curtains early on Friday morning and BOOM…blue skies and sunshine and nothing but that for three days straight! We kicked off the camp by introducing Zack Rosser and Simon Geronowicz to the amazing world of wingsuiting! Both absolutely nailed their first flight courses and were able to cruise across the skies of SA Skydiving solo on day 1!


The intermediate suits came out to play on day 2 to form some really tight formations, including one of my favourite jumps to date…it’s hard to beat holding hands in a sunset flock! We put the speed on on day 3, taking our big suits for a cruise! I’m still trying to wrap my head around how we squeezed 6 big wingsuit into a C206 and somehow managed to get together in the sky in seconds! 


I have jumped at many different drop zones over the last few years and have not met a skydiving family as loving and caring as the SA crew! The smiles were contagious and the hugs countless, because at SA Skydiving post-jump high fives just aren’t good enough! Massive thanks to the SASPC for organising this event and making me feel so welcome! I’m counting down the days to come fly with all of you legends again soon!

Fiona Jansen // Coach

Wingsuiting has always been on my bucket list, well ever since I saw redbull athletes skimming the tops of trees and carving through cliff lined valleys. Out of a plane is different, but still ticked off an unreal experience I've been dreaming of. Having Fiona coaching & the crew of highly experienced, supportive & positive participants really took this moment beyond my expectation. Truly something I will remember and take with my forever. 


Thanks to everyone involved & the SASPC for delivering such an awesome opportunity.


Simon Geronowicz

Was so good to have a wingsuit event in SA. Fiona is a beast in the suit and her knowledge and passion for wingsuiting is exactly what we need in coaches. So much froth can’t wait for the next one. Cheers to the SASPC for putting on a sick weekend, SA Skydiving for hosting and for the oasis we call Miffland with the weather cause the forecast was absolute trash at the start of the week.


Mike X McClane

Ive always steered away from wing suiting and never really understood the excitement in comparison to flying fast canopies. However with the growing wingsuit culture happening in SA and seeing all the boys frothing so much after a jump, it was a classic case of "If you can't beat them, join them"! 

So I threw myself into the stray jacket and lets just say the froth nods was enough to show I was loving every second of it! Being able to share the sky with some of my closest friends was a pretty awesome moment for all of us!

The level of professionalism Fiona showed was amazing and infectious, her passion for wingsuitng rubbed off onto everyone and I can safely say we cannot wait to have her back for more froth nods and wing suiting action!

Zack Rosser

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