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Angles with vinnie

Written by Niall Saunders & Photos by Zack Rosser

Location // Adelaide Skydiving, Lowerlight   Date // April 16-17 2022

This first installment of The SASPC presents events run by the club for its club members was an epic weekend. With Vince Jarvis headlining the angles event, an awesome crew ready to shred and the weather gods was on our sides

- click to watch day tapes now -


We set out under the guidance of Vinnie to improve our flying and safety around angles. Zack Rosser was on hand to capture all the shots and put together some awesome Day tapes to get everyone frothing for the next one, which looks to be even bigger and better.

A massive thanks to The SASPC for organizing and funding the event, Vince Jarvis for his epic coaching, Zack Rosser for unreal event edits and Adelaide Skydiving for hosting the event.

- Niall Saunders -


I was so glad to get such a large response of keen and excited skydivers, all frothing hard for another organised angles event. 

The main aim for the weekend was to offer consecutive jumps with a stable base, to try and perfect skills with repetition. It’s not every weekend we get to really work on flying together in larger formations. 

The plan for the more experienced jumpers was proximity, tight flying through rather steep carving turns. For the inter group, we worked on exits, approaches and correct body positions.

Saturdays weather really turned it on for us. We managed to get nine angle loads in amongst briefs, de-briefs and mocking up exits. Unfortunately Sunday was cut short with a rather large storm front headed our way. 

Having the fletcher was fantastic, it was really beneficial having that little extra height to really hone in those skills, and practicing an all mighty chase for those last out. 


With Zack Rosser flying camera, he was able to showcase South Australia’s local talent, captured in a way that really stood out on the day tapes. Well done mate. I was overwhelmed with the positive response, and we are already organising the next events.

- Vince Jarvis -


Angles with Vinne was up there with one of my favourite skydiving weekends. Adelaide only has one turbine so when its on offer for a progression session you need to make the most of it. And that's what the local crew did. I learned some new skills and had an epic time with mates. Not a bad way to spend the Easter. Still watching the day tape a week later! Shout out to Vinnie, Zack Rosser, Niall Saunders and the SASPC.

- Sam de Groen -

The “Angles with Vinny” event was a great skills and confidence builder in which I feel everyone in the group progressed significantly with their flying. 

Personally I feel I improved significantly on my approaches as last diver and flying tight whilst in formation. With such a consistent group I was able to approach the formations as last diver faster and safer with each jump.  I was also more confident to fly tight within the group. 

Big shout out to Niall Saunders for organising the event, Vince Jarvis for his awesome coaching, Zack for making us all look good on camera and Richard Timperon at Adelaide Tandem Skydiving for getting us in the sky

- Rhys Savage -

Oh man, I have done a bit of camera for events and small boogies but this angles event has gone top of the list! I did 10 jumps on the Saturday and 4 on the Sunday! INSANE! Having the freedom to fly camera, give debrief able footage but then have the extra height to carve around the formation and get artistic shots for the day tape was way too much fun! Im stoked with how the first angles event ran by the SASPC went and I hear the next ones planning to be bigger and better, stay tuned!

- Zack Rosser -

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