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How to get funding:

This page has the steps on how and where to organise and apply for funding for a skydiving event in South Australia.

We are looking for more skydivers to show an interest in organising, to share the load and keep our sport alive!

Initial Steps










Ask for help from DZ Staff or the SASPC and SAPC Committee members at any time!


Small Events - Smaller groups and events, more often, can produce quality skills + we have small planes

Spacing Between Events - remember we have a small skydiving population in SA and most people are involved in multiple disciplines, for events to have best chance of success they should be spaced by time and discipline

Communication - maintain between organiser, coaches and the DZ in all aspects of the planning and throughout the event

Apply Early - committees take time to meet, discuss and ask any questions. This also gives you and the DZ time to organise

Applications and Post-event Reports - don't overdo it, be concise and to the point. Ask for help.

Participant Rego -  It is likely the council and club or host DZ will recommend you do this 

Plan B - have a backup date planned (weather) or activities/seminars planned for on the ground

Some Items that can be funded (be aware sometimes not everything can be provided by certain funding bodies)

- Coach/LO Day Fees (APF, SAPC, SASPC)

- Coach Slots (APF, SAPC, SASPC)

- Camera Slots (APF, SAPC, SASPC)

- Flights/Transfers for interstate coaches (APF, SAPC, SASPC)

- Ferry for Special Aircraft (SAPC, SASPC)

- Gear Hire (SAPC, SASPC)

- Coach/Camera Packing (SAPC, SASPC)

There are 3 main funding sources to apply for:

Have and Idea

Find Out 




for Funding


the Event


Date(s) + Details

with the DZ

club logo.jpg

Australian Parachute Federation (APF Fi Fund)

- Level 1: Apply for up to $1500 (There are higher levels of funding available that require detailed applications with national benefit)
- Will require support from your Council (SAPC)

- Applications must be made at least 21 days before the planned event date

- They will provide 75% of the funding up front and the remainder once a post-event report is received 

- Apply at:


South Australian Parachute Council (SAPC)

- A small budget is available to support coaching and learning camps in SA

SAPC funding guidelines available here

- Recommended to apply for  $200 - $300 per event

- The Council has previously supported participants attending national and world championships and       record attempts.

- It is recommended to apply for funding a minimum one month in advance

- Funding will be provided once the post-event report and invoice(s) are received


   (You can use the SASPC's application form for both Council and Club applications)

South Australian Sport Parachute Club (SASPC)

- The club provides funding with the prerequisite that all participants of an event are members of the club.

- Apply for up to $1500-$2000 per event

- The club has also previously supported participants attending national and world championships and       record attempts.

- It is recommended to apply for funding a minimum one month in advance

- Funding will be provided once the post-event report and invoice(s) are received

- Apply at:

  or  email:

Sponsors & Others

- Vouchers/Prizes can be offered by skydiving gear manufacturers. Email/phone to enquire

- You could try South Australian businesses in exchange for a bit of skydiving publicity

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