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Latest Message: 3 weeks, 4 days ago
  • Peter : Next South Australian Parachute Council meeting is 20 May 2014. Agenda items from SASPC members need to be submitted to Club Rep before 6 May. Club Reps are Marcus P and Paul N.
  • Peter : Do we have an AGM coming up?
  • Peter : About time for a winter SASP event. Something fun. Scrambles 2 way, formated Starcrest loads, hop n pop 4 ways?...
  • Brad : sim salabim
  • Peter : Cheers Jon
  • J0N : check the facebook group skydiving gear 4 sale (new & used) australia, there's one there.
  • Peter : Looking for camera box for cx110
  • J0N : Anyone got a pd143 reserve they want to sell?
  • Brad : what noise?
  • Bigfoot : Following discussions with Paul Newbery, President of SASPC, Early Birds is extended to Thursday 20th December 2012, being 1 week before Christmas / NYE Boogie commences. So get in, to be in the free raffle draw for the big prizes. Remember the XL is here for 7 days. Check out Nellie's meals menu. Buy your Lingerie', Santa Claus and Superheroe outfits. NYE we have a guitar/band duo playing for us!!!
  • Bigfoot : SASPC Christmas/NYE Boogie Early Bird Registrations expire at midnight on 15 Dec 2012!! Register ASAP or do manually and get Mark Gazley to counter sign at the DZ with date and time to be eligible for the FREE raffle draw in the BIG Prizes! ! ANY day/days registration is eligible!! LOOK at «link» and do YOU want to go in the record books for SA, or do you want to just be a belated spectator?? Blue Skies :) Magic Mike
  • Bigfoot : «link» ; and «link» .
  • Bigfoot : FOOD for BOOGIE links
  • Bigfoot : Boogie Rego Forms at ........«link» ; and «link»
  • Bigfoot : BOOGIE Rego Forms at...

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